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Conversations with classical creatives about the music they love

177: Ben Levy from Classics Explained Thoroughly Good Classical Music Podcast

How can recontextualising classical music help build a new audience for the genre? Classics Explained YouTube producer Ben Levy explores the opportunities he's discovered using animation to tell the story of some of classics most-loved works, and some of the pushback he's received doing so.
  1. 177: Ben Levy from Classics Explained
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  3. 175: Monteverdi Choir's Israel in Egypt
  4. 174: On Conducting and Learning to Conduct
  5. 173: Reflections, Recommendations & Previews
  • Andrew Davis (1944 – 2024)

    Andrew Davis (1944 – 2024)

    There was a refreshing authenticity about him. What you saw on stage and on TV was, it seemed, him through and through. What a way to live a life.

  • Trust is key and power destroys it

    Trust is key and power destroys it

    Bottom line, if you want the profile, play the game. With everyone. Otherwise, eventually, no one will talk about you. At all.