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Classical Music, Content Production and Coaching

Writing, Video, and Podcasts

Building community and combatting isolation

During the COVID-19 crisis Thoroughly Good is working to support individuals in the challenges day-to-day life now presents with a range of content and wellbeing services.

All the familiar elements are here – coaching, classical music, and content production  – detailed further down this page, but with a focus on building community and combatting isolation.

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"A way of talking about classical music that insists it is as vital, present and important as anything else."

“I found Jon’s approach a real eye-opener, because I immediately felt a sense of urgency in his prose – not a vibe you’d necessarily associate with arts content, particularly classical music … it reminded me almost of the finest film and – perhaps even more surprisingly – sports journalism that I’d read. 

A way of talking about music that insists it is as vital, present and important as anything else; more so. And add to that a talent to weave in his own thoughts and experiences (without slowing the pace or falling into a ‘writing about writing’ cliche trap), which, as we know, inform a performance as much as what’s going on onstage.”

Adrian Ainsworth, Specs Blog

Thoroughly Good Blog

Read regular blogs about classical music, marketing and content production, coaching and wellbeing, written by Jon Jacob. 

Two o’clock diary

I estimate I must have been snoring at 1.55am. I was awake at 2.00am. I’m now sat downstairs in the kitchen looking hopefully at a

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Thoroughly Good Podcast

Regular conversations between performer and audience member intended to demystify the classical music and opera art form. 

The Thoroughly Good Classical Music Podcast is available via Spotify, Apple, TuneIn, and Audioboom.

82: Writer and ‘Classical Music Punter’ Adrian Ainsworth
80: Fran Wilson and Jon Jacob talk Beethoven, Grainger, and Drop Slurs
76: Miloš Karadaglić talks injuries, mental health and his new album ‘Sound of Silence’

Current Thoroughly Good activities

Digital content, podcast production, blogging, and wellbeing services all for building community and combatting isolation.

If you’re in search of Thoroughly Good assistance,
contact Jon Jacob on Twitter @thoroughlygood, jon.jacob [ @ ]


Digital Production

Digital content production for classical music radio, arts festivals and vulnerable members of society. 


Music & Wellbeing

The Thoroughly Good  Podcast continues with interviews and music suggestions from the classical music world.


Classical Music

Classical music, wellbeing tips, and playlists that spread something Thoroughly Good  during the COVID-19 crisis. 


Coaching & Mentoring

One-to-one coaching and mentoring for the self-employed or remote-working staffers in need of support.


Jon Jacob

Most will know Thoroughly Good as a Twitter account, a blog or a podcast about classical music. What lies underneath is a range of skills and a wealth of experience.

Thoroughly Good is an independent digital marketing consultancy specialising in arts, classical music, government, and broadcasting projects.

It is run by Jon Jacob, a content producer, editor, podcast and radio producer with nearly twenty years experience working on TV and radio entertainment projects at the BBC, Department of Communities and Local Government, and Bauer Media. 

Thoroughly Good Digital produces the Thoroughly Good Classical Music Podcast – a regular 45 minute conversation recorded as live with artists, composers and performers designed to reduce the divide between audience and stage. 

Skillsets include audio production, copywriting, photography, videography, and social media. Thoroughly Good Digital also provides digital content strategy consultancy. 

Drawing on seven years coaching and workshop facilitation work, Jon Jacob also provides Thoroughly Good Coaching and Mentoring services to organisations and individauls.

“Jon Jacob possesses a razor sharp wit, an unusually large knowledge of the media and an unnerving ability to pick up on and then drill into, the smallest level of self-doubt. This was the most productive and revealing time I have spent on professional development in the last year.”

Feedback from a Thoroughly Good Coaching client