PRS for Music and Riot Ensemble in partnership with Zeitgeist commission six new works for solo instrument during lockdown


The commissions will be broadcast as part of BBC Radio 3’s New Music Show in August 2020

It’s been a pleasure to work on the PRS for Music / Riot Ensemble project this year which saw six composers commissioned to write new works for solo instrumentalists who form part of the Riot Ensemble.

My involvement extended to providing the composers with coaching, productivity, and creativity workshops delivered over Zoom. In addition, Thoroughly Good Digital produced a short film documenting the process, capturing the thoughts of some of those involved in the project.

One of the most pleasing things about the video for me personally was responding to the challenge of documenting a lockdown creative project in video. It’s primary content function was to support a press announcement which itself coincided with a series of broadcast premieres on BBC Radio 3’s New Music Show.

Creatively speaking the video need to reflect the common experience for isolated performers and composers. There was a nod in the visual language to the lockdown video audiences will in time instantly associate with this period. But, importantly, there was a need respond visually to the music which featured as a soundtrack to the contributions. The starting point in terms of treatment was the limited quality of Zoom video. Performances were produced by Riot Ensemble.

I’m really pleased with the finished product. I like its simplicity and cleanness exemplified by Harriet Wybor’s heartfelt script and delivery (achieved in only two complete takes by the way), the different vignettes created by the music, and the opportunity for taut edits presented by details in the scores.

This is the second PRS for Music project Thoroughly Good Digital has captured.

For more information on the project visit the PRS for Music website.