Southbank Centre speaks

Possibly one of the most uplifting press releases issued today. My heart is pounding fast.

The Southbank Centre reopens on 19 May, first at the Hayward Gallery, 21 May for Royal Festival Hall, with live events from 28 May.

There’s a full programme of COVID-safe events from May to August. I’m so ridiculously excited I can barely type. So just read the fulsome press release instead.

I totally understand that those outside of London may well roll their eyes at this.

But bear in mind that the Southbank Centre is my most local large scale arts destination. It’s home to me. It’s also where I have over the past few years escaped to as a freelancer for sanity.

I cannot wait. Musicians, play what you want. Play out of tune if you like. I don’t care. This is joyous news.