A Thoroughly Good Christmas Message


Convention dictates at this time of year that generic Christmas wishes are sent to recipients on a great long mailing list.

Make the message as broad and inclusive as possible and the process is made infinitely less onerous.

Such strategies can result in a bland message, I find. Taking time to find the right message is difficult. Settling on the right words painful making the whole thing seem a dubious endeavour.

Regardless. Here goes.

This year, I’m indebted to family, friends, colleagues and clients who have in the many interactions I’ve had with them helped bring joy, knowledge and opportunity.

It has by no means been a breeze but it has been invigorating. Fulfilling too. I feel enriched, focussed and content. It is quite something to be able to say that.

If you have played a part in that (and for those who don’t realise that they have), please accept my heartfelt thanks.

Very best wishes for Christmas.