Cellist Clare O’Connell launches a Kickstarter campaign for her next album on NMC


Launching today, cellist Clare O’Connell’s Kickstarter campaign seeks to raise £7.5K to support the composition and recording of an album of new music for cello on the NMC label.

The project is called  “Light Flowing” and focusses on sharing the feeling of lightness, of lifting up with audiences, something close to her heart and relevant given the struggles of the past few years.

Clare’s music is no stranger to the Thoroughly Good Blog. I heard her back in Gloucester Cathedral in 2021 as part of the Cheltenham Mixtape series originated by Meurig Brown. Her appearance formed part of a playlist concert that soothed and delighted just at a point in time when live music was back albeit cautiously. Just listening back to her 2021 album The Isolated Cellist I’m reminded even now how her folk-infused sounds and textures remain a balm for the soul. Be sure to check out There’s a Rumour Going Round. Her arrangement of Enzo Gragnaniello’s Stù Criato complete with low-level shaker is utterly divine. In fact, just listen to the whole thing. It’s really refreshing.

Clare O’Connell introduces her Kickstarter campaign

O’Connell’s Kickstarter programme will raise money to pay for the commissions – three brand-new works
by Emily Hall , Emilie Levienaise Farrouch and Natalie Klouda. The music will be released on NMC and be performed live on International Women’s Day at Wigmore Hall in 2024.

“If you want to see experimental contemporary music created,” she writes, “if you want to see composers and musicians paid fairly for their work, if you want to hear new music for solo cello, if you want to support composers and performers exploring creative freedom and risk-taking, if you think music is one of the essential ways we connect with each other as fellow humans… then I would love to welcome you as a supporter.”

Clare O’Connell’s Kickstarter ‘Light Flowing’ campaign runs until 6 April. Pledge now.