Britten Sinfonia launches their fundraising campaign


Britten Sinfonia launched its fundraising campaign this week, the day after the BBC Singers clusterfuck. When I first received the email I wasn’t entirely convinced it was the best timing. Had they waited too long after the Arts Council train crash? Would they have benefited by capitalising by launching the campaign earlier? Or were they seeking to capitalise on the sympathy raised around the BBC cuts? Whatever the answer, there just seems to be a lot more noise around at the moment. I worried that could potentially negatively impact both groups’ hopes for a positive resolution. 

It’s a powerful campaign simply produced. No flashy video production here which is what adds the call-out an air of humanity, authenticity and vulnerability. I’ve seen good coverage on BBC News online and observe that Nick Daniel has made on-air appearances on Radio 4 too. This combined with a clear email sent out to email subscribers asking for distribution across multiple social networks made it look like a sound joined piece of comms, tapping into the love in the air for this unfairly beleaguered rural ensemble. 

Britten Sinfonia is looking to raise £1million. Discover more information on the