Matilda Lloyd launches her new album ‘Casta Diva’ at Wigmore Hall


First time hearing trumpeter Matilda Lloyd yesterday at Wigmore Hall and there were tears in my eyes (for all the right reasons). Her tone was sweet and precise, with deliciously clear articulation at the beginning of every phrase. I was a wobbly mess throughout proceedings, internally at least.

The lunchtime concert promoted her recent album ‘Casta Diva’ released by Chandos and featured beautifully tidy arrangements by Will Foster and Mikhail Nakariakovof of mostly Italian operatic arias – not my usual go-to repertoire. But the combination of single strings and harp over which Lloyd’s meticulous sound sang, communicated passion, joy and sorrow with an immediacy I was totally unprepared for.

Casta Diva puts Matilda Lloyd’s scrupulous attention to detail front and centre, with a larger orchestral backing provided by Britten Sinfonia. Lloyd’s sound has a melancholic edge, giving some of the tracks a vulnerable feel. In particular, Jean-Baptiste Arban’s ‘Variations on Bellini’s ‘Norma’’ showcases much of Lloyd’s appeal in six all-too short minutes: heartfelt expressivity, dazzling virtuosity, plus cheeky serving of fun.

Matilda Lloyd’s Casta Diva – a collection of operatic arias transcribed for trumpet – is available via Apple Music now.

Matilda appears at various festivals in May and June 2023 including Chiltern, Northern Aldoborough, and Chipping Camden. She continues her association with the London Mozart Players in October. Further details here.