In praise of … BBC Music Magazine


A magazine that appeals to the devotee but steers well clear of superiority and cliques

BBC Music Magazine is a publication I’ve returned to in recent months. I’m enjoyed it a lot too.

It’s a difficult line to tread editorially: appealing to devotees whilst being welcoming to the curious newcomer.

I often feel alienated by austere content that only succeeds in reminding me of what I don’t know, or superficial content that seems to dismiss that I do know. There’s nothing more irritating than a sneery know-it-all, and I’m not great with surface stuff.

BBC Music Magazine appears to be getting it just right at the moment, for me at least, by being straight down the line. The copy isn’t pleased with itself, nor does it hint at a clique I’m not a part of.

In effect, it reassures me that at 51 I’m still a valued and catered for member of the classical audience. In that way it’s an antidote to social media where I often feel quite disconnected from that ‘world’.