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There’s nothing complicated about classical music. It’s just music. 

Thoroughly Good celebrates classical music, demonstrating how the art-form has a life-affirming impact on the lives of others

The stories we tell about the things we love have the power to inspire others to embark on a journey of discovery. 

Thoroughly Good uses this principle as a starting point for every piece of content published on its channels.

This authentic Thoroughly Good approach triggers the curious and open-minded to embark on new discoveries.  

The Thoroughly Good Guide to the BBC Proms 2022

What to attend, what to listen to and what to watch on TV at this year’s BBC Proms. 


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Hope springs eternal

How melodic and harmonic language helps access a much-needed emotion in a moment of self-doubt at Norwich Cathedral.

Play It Again

Why is something that played such an important part in my life so difficult to play now?

John Bradbury

Teacher, choirmaster, and organist at Culford School, UCS and York Minster has died.

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The Thoroughly Good Classical Music Podcast is available on Spotify, Apple, or Audioboom.

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Thoroughly Good provides digital content services for arts organisations in the UK, building strategies, creating plans, and producing fresh and authentic content that reaches new audiences.

Jon Jacob set up Thoroughly Good in 2005 first as a blog and podcast documenting his love of the BBC Proms and the Eurovision.

Since building a wide and varied network, he launched Thoroughly Good as a digital content and training and development consultancy in 2017.


Thoroughly Good now works with organisations in the arts, media, broadcasting, education, manufacturing sectors in the UK and across the world.


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