Thoroughly Good in a nutshell


This page outlines Thoroughly Good and Thoroughly Good Digital’s purpose, mission and values.

It also describes who its free-to-access content is tailored for, as well as indicating possible collaborations and digital services.

If you’re new to Thoroughly Good or you think you haven’t got time to read this page, take a look at this video captured at St John’s Smith Square in February 2021.

It illustrates what it was like to hear an orchestra play live music in a physical space after an extended period of comparative silence, and neatly sums up how Thoroughly Good celebrates classical music.

Purpose and Mission


Thoroughly Good believes all can be touched by the power of classical music. There’s nothing complicated about classical music – its just music. Thoroughly Good celebrates classical music, accompanying readers, listeners, and music-lovers on a path of discovery.


Thoroughly Good reflects on all aspects of the music-making and listening experience. Knowledge or experience of the classical music world isn’t a pre-requisite, only a sense of curiosity and awareness.   


Thoroughly Good creates content available in a variety of different formats that celebrates and advocates classical music.


Thoroughly Good operates in two distinct areas: free-to-access; and paid consultancy.

Free-to-access content is made for industry and music-lovers (the kind of content you’ll find on this blog, podcast and across social media channels), and seeks to document the classical music world.

Thoroughly Good Digital paid services include digital consultancy for artists, administrators, media and arts organisations, comprising strategic thinking, content production, digital distribution, plus coaching.



Thoroughly Good is independent from mainstream music press, ensuring a perspective distinct from conventional reporting.

Fair, honest and sincere

By making content fair, honest and sincere, Thoroughly Good can ensure its output is distinctive and relatable.

Critical but not personal

Critical feedback and open discussion is valuable because it shows an art form as inclusive because it is robust enough in itself to value such content. But there is an imperative to be respectful. Thoroughly Good believes it is possible to be both critical and respectful. Thoroughly Good doesn’t think the world should be full of unicorns.

Meaningful, appreciative and celebratory

Thoroughly Good content should wherever possible provide meaning, insight or perspective, and celebrate the achievements of those who create great art for the community.

Brave and determined

TG isn’t afraid to stand out with a different perspective or say difficult things, but not for clickbait or traffic.

Curious, open-minded, and a love of detail

Bringing curiosity and open-mindedness to listening is central to engaging with music. Whilst there may well be occasions when meaning and insight drives the inclusion of context, knowledge of music isn’t a pre-requisite.

Snobbery and elitism

Thoroughly Good doesn’t hold with snobs or elitists and strives to avoid it too.

Who does Thoroughly Good speak to?

Thoroughly Good considers its audience as a community made up of artists, producers, commentators and listeners. Each plays a key role in the community in a similar way to the music-making Thoroughly Good seeks to celebrate.

Thoroughly Good documents the world of classical music for that community.

Importantly however, Thoroughly Good doesn’t seek to represent or reflect the community in its opinions (though it might do in some instances), rather it sees itself as participating in an ongoing conversation that seeks to celebrate and advocate the genre.

Who does Thoroughly Good want to work with?

Thoroughly Good works best with individuals and organisations whose values are aligned. More often than not organisations seek out Thoroughly Good because they’re energised by either doing something or thinking differently. They’re also organisations who recognise the value of both knowledge and experience in the field of digital strategy, production and distribution.

They see value in Thoroughly Good’s sought-after mix of strategic thinking, content creation and journalism and communications experience. They are also organisations that already insist on clear communication in business.

Thoroughly Good works directly with:

  • musicians and their agents
  • concert promoters and producers
  • venues and festivals
  • colleges and conservatoires
  • record labels and publishers
  • broadcasters
  • marketing directors, content producers and PR specialists
  • marketing directors
  • editors and journalists
  • programmers

What services does Thoroughly Good offer?

Not everyone will know already what they need, but prefer instead to talk about where they see present and future challenges. In this way, Thoroughly Good can advise and recommend the best course of action.  Some services already provided include:

  • digital content strategy
  • audit of existing digital output and recommendations for optimisation
  • skilling up staff with face-to-face training plus coaching and mentoring
  • website and social media channel design and builds with metadata optimisation
  • advice on digital best practise including content plans and tone of voice
  • video capture and edit, showreel production
  • podcast production, vocal and interviewing coaching
  • digital copywriting
  • storytelling advice  

Who has Thoroughly Good worked with?

Philharmonia, Spitalfields Festival, Royal College of Music, Royal Academy of Music, Premier Classical, Music in Offices, BBC Radio 3 and BBC Proms, BBC Press Office, BBC TV, BBC Multiplatform, LBC, Scala Radio, Sitkovetsky Trio, Royal Overseas League, The Exhale, London Mozart Players, Ulster Orchestra, and PRS for Music.