Scottish Chamber Orchestra with Nick Daniel is my new squeeze


There is nothing better than the warming glow created by the rich sonorities created by a well-chosen wind ensemble. I love a good string section of course. But I’d willingly trample over the strings if I had to choose between the orchestral or wind ensemble arrangement of Dvorak’s Czech Suite.

In the SCO’s ‘as live’ performance premiered this evening on YouTube, deft and low-key multi-tasking from Daniel brought out some blissful moments, in particular in the second movement Polka where flutes and oboes created the musical equivalent of a flower’s petals springing open. The blistering finale showcased some dry and precise articulation.

There were other works on the programme which I will return to over the next few days.

Top marks to the video team behind the production (I spy the marvellous Mauro Silva from Edinburgh & Sydney Festival in the credits too – ridiculously talented man), and the marketing team too for creating appointment to view stuff out of a YouTube premiere, and for simple use of the Live Chat function to provide timely and reasonable discreet in vision messaging. In the weeks and months to come such work will make having to make travel plans to attend an actual concert a massive ball ache.

Watch the Scottish Chamber Ensemble on YouTube.