Sitkovetsky Trio’s new album release previewed with an animation by Pavel Hudec


The Sitkovetsky Trio have a new album out this coming Friday including a recording of the Ravel Piano Trio. They’ve commissioned animator Pavel Hudec.

The Journey of the Pantoum: shows some of the events surrounding the creation of the Ravel Piano Trio in A minor, and the influences that Ravel was inspired by, his Basque roots and the rush to finish the piece as World War 1 drew nearer. Various characters appear throughout the film, including the Sitkovetsky Trio at Theater Chatelet. 

An impressive creation that draws the eye.

Sitkovetsky Piano Trio’s Ravel Piano Trio is released by BIS on Friday 2 July.

Violinist Alexander Sitkovetsky appeared on the Thoroughly Good Classical Music Podcast back in 2019. Find the podcast on Spotify and Audioboom.