Benedetti Foundation mounts a £40K fundraiser with a stirring video


Returning to writing about music after a few months away has seen certain activities, brands, issues and discussions come into focus for me. What’s becoming clearer for me is the need to highlight some of the creativity that makes up the UK classical music scene. The Benedetti Foundation fundraiser is one such example.

The music education work led by Nicola Benedetti wears its values on its sleeve. It doesn’t preach. It doesn’t condescend. It doesn’t need to. It has front and centre some one of this country’s finest ambassadors who has herself drawn together the very best in music education specialists – people who facilitate life-changing experiences for all sorts of different people across the world.

That they’ve achieved what they have over the past few years (just look at the video) is a measure of the energy that powers the endeavour. I saw that first-hand at an in-person launch pre-pandemic. The energy in the room was electric. That the Foundation continued its activities throughout the pandemic should be no surprise. Everyone involved has remarkable reserves they draw upon.

The promotional video for the Benedetti Foundation’s current fundraising (they’re in need of an extra £20K to meet their £40K target) is a touching creation too. Clear messaging about the organisation’s purpose, quick cuts, heartfelt first-person endorsements not only from session leaders and teachers, but from participants. The contribution from one woman saying that the work of the Benedetti Foundation had restored her energy for teaching brought a tear to the eye.

Each donation is matched – so a £15 donation resulted in the Benedetti Foundation getting £30. I’m happy to give because I recognise so much of my formative experiences in what the video curates.