Alex Groves ‘Curved Form No. 11’ with Gabriella Swallow, Mira Calix, and Sarah Davachi

Electronic and contemporary classical composer Alex Groves has released a new EP in July – Curved Form No. 11.

No. 11 takes on a linear path, starting with a forensic examination of textures created by cellist Gabriella Swallow (currently touring with the Jess Gillam ensemble amongst other things) before handing the baton to composers Mira Calix and Sarah Davachi to put their spin on Groves’ original vision.

Groves’s original material is hypnotic, drawing attention to minute detail in the same way the brilliant Glass/Reich homage Curved Form No. 4 did. Only here its texture – the detail that would otherwise go overlooked in the melee of cello and accompanying orchestra or piano.

In a similar way, Mira Calix’s remix seeks out that which goes overlooked, bringing to the fore false starts and everyday errors which over time become accepted and familiar. Her remix is pleasingly unsettling, where Sara Davachi uses distant harmonies to evoke gentle excitement. All three slow time and bring unexpected joy.

Concluding the EP is a track with a dreamy dance beat. Listening to it there’s a sense that what we’ve listened to is multiple producers reworking an original idea before one of them settling on the final draft. If that was the intention I like it even more.

Listen to Curved Form No. 11 and download via Bandcamp.

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