Settling on what Thoroughly Good is … in a nutshell


Most self-employed people will say that August is a bit of downtime. In the four years I’ve been self-employed I’ve not noticed that quiet time quite so keenly as I have this year. And this year it’s taken a bit of getting used to.

With live concerts back and with the hybrid model looking like it’s settling in quite nicely for the foreseeable future too, there’s more to write about on the blog.

On the flip side, this isn’t necessarily the time to be lining up new work what with people in decision-making roles heading off for much-needed breaks of the kind we’ve been denied for the past fifteen months.

Lockdown business development work

During that period, I’ve capitalised on great long periods of lockdown reflection and committed to formalising my work on Thoroughly Good. The goal was to shift my own mindset from this being a personal blog to a content destination, projecting the Thoroughly Good brand into a serious income stream.

Eagle-eyed types will already have seen modest changes already. A redesigned homepage. Re-categorised posts, artist profiles, and a mild shift in language. Thoroughly Good still retains the biographical roots it had when it started out in 2005, but the tone of voice is changing a bit. Less first person, more third person. At least that’s the plan.

Culminating in a purpose, mission and values document

And the completion of this year-long project (truly, that’s how long it’s been) is the values document which, just to bring it back to the opening paragraph, is the kind of work that can really only be satisfactorily completed during a period of downtime like mid-summer.

The full list of purpose, mission, values, and sought-out collaborators can be found on the Thoroughly Good in a Nutshell page. But for those resistent to clicking through or a little bit rushed what with one thing or another, here’s a summary of the key points.

Thoroughly Good’s Purpose, Mission and Values summarised

Thoroughly Good celebrates classical music, accompanying readers, listeners and music-lovers on a shared path of discovery.

It reflects on all aspects of the music-making and listening experience. Knowledge or experience of the classical world isn’t a pre-requisite, only a sense of curiosity and awareness.

Thoroughly Good operates in two distinct areas: free-to-access content (known as Thoroughly good), and paid consultancy for industry specialists (referred to as its business name Thoroughly Good Digital).

Thoroughly Good is independent from the mainstream music press, ensuring a perspective distinct from conventional reporting. By making its content fair, honest, and sincere, Thoroughly Good can ensure its output is distinctive and relatable.

It is vitally important that content is critical but respectful. At the same time Thoroughly Good isn’t afraid to stand out with a different perspective or a say difficult thing.

Thoroughly Good believes the only requirements for music appreciation are curiosity, awareness and open-mindedness. It doesn’t hold with snobs or elitists and strives to avoid being seen as either itself.

Finally, Thoroughly Good seeks to work organisations and individuals who are aligned to its business values. More information on that can be found on the Thoroughly Good in a Nutshell page.