Verbier Festival

High up in the Swiss alps, some of the finest international artists meet to give masterclasses and perform concerts. 

Verbier is a special place, celebrated by skiers and snow lovers as a must-visit. In the summer months, the Swiss alpine town’s focus shifts to classical music with events staged in a purpose-built concert venue, churches, hotel foyers and even people’s homes.

International artists join training musicians for months of teaching, rehearsals and performances. 

Some events are streamed live and available on-demand via Medici.tv. 

Thoroughly Good has visited the Verbier Festival since 2015. 


Verbier Festival Director Martin Engstroem on leadership, vision, and talent (2019)

Violinist Alexander Sitkovetsky discusses his early influences and teachers (2019)

VF Academy Director Christian Thompson provides a moving account of Verbier’s impact on training musicians (2016)


Violinist Daniel Lozakovich and conductor Klaus Mäkelä with the Verbier Festival Chamber Orchestra

Violinist Daniel Lozakovich played with impressive maturity and sincerity. Conductor Klaus Mäkelä is basically off the scale.

Pianist Roman Borisov plays Chopin, Brahms, Prokofiev and Bach at Verbier Festival 2021

A master of the well-placed pianissimo note or chord, and the decorative arpeggiated flourish. A real delight.

Back in Verbier

A long day of travel, a COVID test, and a nearly missed concert.

What Thoroughly Good does next

Is reporting on an international music festival during a global pandemic really the right thing to do?

Verbier Festival opens with Shostakovich’s Concerto for Piano and Trumpet and Prokofiev’s Classical Symphony

Intimate revealing visuals, a rich sound mix and some utterly brilliant musicians. A must-watch.

Verbier Festival changes its opening night

Covid-19 outbreak brings a first-night change of programme.

Review: Verbier Festival 2019

Notes from a three-day trip to the mountainside music festival, now in its 26th year